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Because Calhoun Cares emerged out of the desire to support the community, its local businesses, our healthcare heroes, and at-risk seniors during the COVID-19 crisis. King Street Market co-founder Denise Stripling has always been a visionary, so when she saw the need in the community to feed our most vulnerable citizens while keeping the foodservice industry alive, she sprung into action. Denise reached out to fellow restaurants and catering companies throughout Calhoun for partnership, and she contacted her friends at While Label Studio to support in marketing the effort. Together, the organization's inaugural effort, The Food Chain Project, was born. Today, Denise and the Because Calhoun Cares team are fundraising, creating meals, and delivering food to those in need thanks to your support. In the future, Because Calhoun Cares will be expanded to include other community projects. We love the City of Calhoun and are just getting started!

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