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Because Calhoun Cares needs your help to reach our $150,000 fundraising goal to feed Calhoun's healthcare personnel and at-risk seniors during the COVID-19 crisis. We've set up multiple ways for citizens and businesses to donate. Thank you so much for supporting Because Calhoun Cares and The Food Chain Project!

Each day, an average of 400 members of medical staff and their support teams are working at hospitals and clinics 24/7 in the Gordon County area. Unfortunately, some illnesses do not take a break, so this includes medical centers like infusion and radiation that are vital for members of our community. 

Since many healthcare employees are working 12-hour shifts, our mission is to provide 500 meals per day for medical staff across the community. This is 3,500 meals per week. Because Calhoun Cares and our Partners project that costs will be an average of $10 per meal or $35,000 per week. 

Additionally, our community is also home to almost 1,200 senior citizens that are over the age of 70 - the ages considered the highest risk of surviving COVID-19. 

We have almost 16,000 members of our community that are looking for a way they can make a difference as well as local corporations and small businesses. This project provides our community with the opportunity to come together and take immediate action to support those who need it most while keeping our local foodservice industry alive. If each member in our community gives only $10 (or one meal), we will not only meet our goal but exceed it!  


Go Fund Me provides a safe and simple way to donate quickly.

Credit Card


Drop off a check in the drive-thru made payable to Because Calhoun Cares at any First Bank location.

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